Around a year from now, I will have been alive for half a century.  By the time I reach that milestone, I want to have done something worth celebrating.  Like making the world a better place.


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    • Why, thank you, Belmont Rooster. I appreciate your nomination. I’m not sure I can meet all the criteria for actual acceptance, because there is no way I can come up with 15 further nominees. However, I’ll do my best to come up with 7 things about myself that I can share.
      1. Although I can’t come up with 15 people to nominate, I recently stumbled upon and bought a book called “Hyperbode and a Half” written by the person who created the toon I use as an avatar here and on and my facebook pages. Her name is Allie Brosh and her blog is hilarious.
      2. I read Allie’s book in a day (because some of it I’d already read on her blog) and found it very entertaining. Joy and laughter are important, even when its not all about saving the world.
      3. I particularly enjoyed some of Allie’s insights about clinical depression because I’ve struggled with the same issues myself.
      4. Depression is on my ToDo list of topics for future blog posts.
      5. What I find most depressing today is how badly I suck at growing things indoors. I love gardening outdoors because stuff just grows without my help. Nature is cool like that. There are tiny flying insects hanging around my unhappy herbs and I would like to find a way to get rid of them without rendering my herbs toxic and inedible.Eventually, I’ll find the energy to look it up and do something, but I don’t know if this will happen before my currently unhappy plants become dead former plants and/or future compost. Oh, well. Compost isn’t all bad.
      6. I have to study this week for my Advanced Stats exam (yikes) which will be on Friday, and my Abnormal Psychology exam on Monday. Depression is on the psych exam and I know waaay too much about it already.
      7. Remember “chain letters”? I never forwarded them. Same goes for chain emails and facebook posts. Maybe that’s why I’m not rich, but nothing particularly heinous ever happened to me for not expending precious energy forwarding a picture of a pile of money to more people who don’t have much money. When I write I’m just putting my ideas out there so they can bounce around other brains. Its great to have appreciation come back, but its also great to have my ideas challenged or questioned and to have alternative views brought forward that can help improve our understanding.
      8. (bonus round) I’ve been fracking my brain on the nature of the hard problem of consciousness and I’m connecting some interesting dots on that topic too. Once my exams are out of the way, I’ll get some fresh material posted on the holographic nature of the universe and how we use analogy to make sense of the world we perceive.

      • Heather. I am excited for your excitement ! BUT, you are supposed to make a post, kind of like the one I made, following the list of rules (as close as you can). I provided the link to my blog so you can use it as a guide (well, somewhat). No need to put the seven (8) things about you in a reply. SO, just make a new post and do a copy and paste from here to the new post… Then when you get your post finished, publish the whole thing at once. If you don’t have time to finish it all at once, just save it as a draft for later if you have to. OH, and you don’t have to do 15 nominees if you don’t want. Just to the best you can. It is an award for YOUR AWESOME blog. So you enjoy it!

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